Monday, March 17, 2014

Cuff Tutorial

Adding a Cuff to The Quick Dress

A Tutorial

Take two measurements:  
1.  Measure the length of the sleeve 2 inches shorter than the pattern calls.  
2.  Measure the bottom edge of the sleeve.

Cut two strips that are 5" tall by width of sleeve.  So you will have two strips that are 5inches tall and as wide as the bottom edge of the sleeve.

Fold cuff in half lengthwise with right sides together.

Stitch short sides together with a 3/8" seam allowance.  You now have one open edge, one folded edge and two short sides sewn together.
Turn right sides out and be sure to push out edges.  Press well, setting seams exactly on the edges.

Attach sleeve to the Quick Dress and sew underarm/side seams together.  The bottom edge of the sleeve is still raw.

Attach cuff to the edge of the sleeve, right sides together, using a 3/8" seam allowance.   The opening of the cuff should be at the outside of the sleeve.

Finish the raw edge of the cuff and sleeve.

Turn right side out and topstitch.

Happy sewing!


  1. Where on earth you do find such adorable knits??? I've had no luck finding a tried and true vendor.

    1. I actually got them at JoAnn's.

  2. @christy ... i have some resources on where to buy knits. i think kara got these at Girl Charlee though