Monday, November 15, 2010

Refashioned Outfit Mini-Tutorial

You can find CUTE patterned knits right in your closet. This outfit was made from an old shirt I no longer wanted to wear ... but I thought it would make a super super cute outfit for Finley.
I had extra black knit for the bottom of the shirt, but you could just cut up another shirt to finish the bottom. I used the Classic Knit Tee and Basic Knit Leggings patterns.
STEP 1: Cut out Basic Knit Leggings, using existing hem of shirt as the hem on pants (I used the capri length -- and folded up the hem allowance).
STEP 2: Fold along the centerline (both the front and back). Line up centerline on Classic Knit Tee with your fold line, and align the shoulder edge with the shoulder seam. (I folded down the 3/8" seam allowance since the shoulder seam is already sewn). I'm using the existing neckline as well -- it was a crewneck on me, but looks like a scoopneck on Fin.
STEP 3: Cut out Sleeves ... I just cut as much as possible and used the existing hem.
Step 4: Sew together the Basic Knit Leggings according to the sewing instructions.
Step 5: Attach sleeves in the armholes, and Sew underarms and side seams together.
Step 6: I then cut out 2 pieces of black knit that were twice as wide and the bottom part of my shirt and long enough to make the top go past her hips. I sewed the sides together, and did a rolled hem on the top and bottom edge. I basted in a gathering stitch 5/8" from the top edge and pulled it to the same length as my shirt. Then I top-stitch along the basting line to attach (leaving a little ruffle on top!!)

Basic Knit Leggings Pattern -- GIVEAWAY -- WINNER!!


According to the winner was 3, which was Jeni. Thanks to everyone who entered. I'm really happy with how the Giveaway went and will do another one before the release of my next pattern. If you're sad you didn't win, you can still go purchase it and cross your fingers for the next giveaway.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Basic Knit Leggings Pattern -- GIVEAWAY!!

With the release of another pattern right around the corner, I've decided to try something new. A GIVEAWAY!!
Before I make the Basic Knit Leggings available for sale I've decided to give it away ... there are THREE different ways to enter.
(you may do any of the following ... but you MUST leave a comment for EACH one you do)
1. Enter to win on the blog by leaving a comment on this post (Only ONE comment per person, duplicate comments will be deleted. You must leave your name and a way to reach you -- you can't win if you're anonymous!).
2. Enter to win on Facebook by hyperlinking Jocole Patterns in your status mentioning the giveaway (complete directions on hyperlinking are at the bottom of this post)
3. Enter to win by following @JocolePatterns on Twitter, and sharing this giveaway on Twitter** by tagging @JocolePatterns in your tweet. [EXAMPLE OF TWEET!!: FREE PDF Sewing pattern giveaway @JocolePatterns #GIVEAWAY basic knit leggings ends 11/14] -- leave a link in your comment, **twitter account MUST be public - your tweets must be visible by all and not just whom you follow/allow
~~ Giveaway ends Sunday November 14, midnight EST, when the winner will be randomly picked using
how to hyperlink on Facebook:
1. You must be a "friend" of Jocole Patterns.
2. Type the "@" symbol in your status followed by "Jocole Patterns" and you will see a dropdown menu appear. Click on "Jocole Patterns" and it will show up as a blue hyperlink in your status.

FREE Iron-On Transfer Designs - 100% Boy or Girl

To download .jpg files to your computer: click on image to enlarge, right click and select “save image as…” and save to desired location on your computer.

Open in your favorite photo editing program, or word processing program to print at desired size.

*created with

Monday, November 08, 2010

Hot Fix Crystal Directions

Rhinestones are a great way to personalize items and add some sparkle and bling. Professional looking hot fix crystals are easier than you think. Here is my easy, fool-proof method for creating hot-fix crystals.

We've included some alphabet templates (15!!) for you to create your own names and phrases.

Check out our complete tutorial and templates available HERE!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Freezer Paper Stencils - using Dye

A perfect embellishment to complete your Knit Peasant Tees or Classic Knit Tees. A professional looking stencil is easier than you think. Here is my easy, fool-proof method for creating freezer paper stencils. PLUS ... we've included the template to make your own.

Check out the complete step-by-step instructions will full color pictures by clicking the above picture, or HERE.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Easy Ribbon Tags

A super easy way to complete your garment and indicate the size. Here is my easy, fool-proof method of simple ribbon tags.

You might think you'll remember what size you made, but when you pull it out for your next kid or pass it along to your friend ... you'll be glad you put in an easy tag to remind you what size the item is.

Check out the complete step-by-step instructions with full color pictures by clicking the above picture, or HERE.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Mini Bow Directions

A perfect embellishment to complete your garment. Mini bows are a great way to help you and your little one differentiate the front from the back. Professional looking mini bows are easier than you think. Here is my easy, fool-proof method for creating mini bows.

Check out the complete step-by-step instructions with full color pictures by clicking the above picture, or HERE.

Pattern Testers Wanted!! - Basic Knit Leggings - CLOSED

I'm currently looking for people who are interesting in testing my "Basic Knit Leggings" (#23002) sewing pattern before making it available for purchase. IMPORTANT: I *need* the reviews back by November 10th!!
Description: Snug fitting with an easy-on elastic waist. This must-have basic design will become a staple in your little one's wardrobe. Comfort and warmth are what makes these essential. Perfect layering piece for fall and winter under dresses, jumpers, tunics and skirts. Pattern includes full length and capri length options. Instructions on how to apply professional topstitched elastic (no uncomfortable twisted elastic casings here). Made with super comfy knit fabric or refashion some old shirts. Easy tricks for sewing knit fabrics with a basic sewing machine for professional looking results -- no serger required (although serger tips are included as well).
You will receive 6 pages of patterns and 15 pages of instructions, including 22 steps and 25 pictures to guide you along as you make it.
I need testers for the following sizes:
NB, 3M,
Already claimed: 6M, 12M, 18M, 2T, 3T, 4T, 5T, Doll
Here's how it works ......
~ You leave your email in a comment and let me know that you're interested and what size you would like to test.
~ I reply and send you a copy of the pdf pattern, which you download, print and get sewing.
~ You tell me where I can improve and refine the pattern and instructions ... including how the size fits, grammatical errors and typos, if something needs to be added (pictures, more instructions, explanations, etc.)
~ You get a free copy of ALL the final versions of the pattern once they are edited and finalized.
Requirements ...
~ You must have basic sewing skills (you don't have to be advanced!)
~ You must have the results back to me within 1 week.
~ You must take pictures of the finished product and email them to me.
I hope you're up for the challenge, if so let me know!!!
NOTICE: Anyone who has tested and *not* returned the results within 1 week will not be eligable to test (unless you've tested multiple patterns before), contact me for more details.