Tuesday, April 01, 2014

April Fool!

April Fool's Day!

Do you play April Fool's Day jokes at your house?  I'm not one to play a joke on a regular basis but sometimes it's fun.  Growing up, my dad loved April Fool's Day.  He relished in running to our rooms yelling it was snowing (I grew up in Texas); there was a white horse outside my window; or we didn't have to go to school that day.    I remember that feeling of being so excited to see the snow outside, and then terribly disappointed when he yelled April Fool!  The funny thing, he got me EVERY year.  There was never any warning that April Fool's Day was coming soon--it always snuck up on me.  

This year it might be fun to play a little April Fool's Day joke on your kids.  I've thought about taping newspaper over the kids' bedroom doors so they have to crash through to get out of the rooms.  You could fill his room with balloons just for fun.  It might be fun to hang streamers in the doorway so she gets to come through the streamers as she enters and leaves a room.  I'm really not one for mean jokes, so you'll have to come up with those on your own.

How about a fun little joke that will be a big surprise?  Fill your child's lunchbox with fake food.  When he opens it up, he won't know what to think.  You can leave a little note to tell him where to find the real lunch or to buy his lunch.  Imagine how surprised he will be and how much fun he will have showing the fake food to his friends.

And here is a great April Fool's day surprise!  Enter the code "april fool" for 25% off your cart at www.jocole.net on April 1, 2014 beginning at 12:01am and ending at 11:59pm (pst).  Hurry!  Fill up that cart and get a great discount!!!

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