Monday, October 22, 2007

clean out your closet

everyone has too much clothing in their closets. most people only wear about %20 of the clothes that they own. lets get rid of the things we no longer wear. cleaning out your closet will make it easier to get dressed in the morning (less choices) and make your laundry easier (you always put laundry off longer than you should -- because you still have more clean clothes and if you washed all your clothes you wouldn't be able to put them away because your closet is full!)
pull your clothing out of your closet one at a time and try it on -- think about the words you hear in your head. do they make you feel absolutely beautiful or do you feel bad? going through the clothing in your closet is difficult because it can evoke an entire spectrum of feelings. your closet didn't get out of control in one day and you wont be able to clean it out in one day either. take you time, spend 15 minutes here and 15 minutes there.
we're only going to keep the clothing that we absolutely adore and feel great in.
you will begin to see a pattern of your favorite items. we all have a favorite color, fabric or style that brings a smile to our face. i love jeans and pink. it's all about what you love and how you feel when you wear your clothes.
let's build our wardrobe with the basic foundations:
(i'm not saying you should only have this, you can have more, these are BASIC foundations to build upon)
  • undergarments: 7 pairs that you love and 7 pairs for that wonderful time of the month.

  • bras: 7 - at least 1 black, 1 natural and 1 white - but colors are fun and make you feel pretty no matter what.
  • slips: 1 black and 1 white
  • socks: 7 pairs for the summer and 7 pairs for the winter (i like ankle socks in the summer and colors in the winter)
  • pants/slacks/jeans: 1 good pair of black wool slacks for dressy occasions and 1 pair of lightweight black for summer, 2 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of tan pants or khakis
  • skirts: 1 black wool winter skirt and 1 black summer skirt, 1 tan or khaki skirt, and 1 printed summer skirt
  • dresses: 1 little black dress, 1 summer dress
  • blouses: 1 black, 1 white and 2 colored
  • t-shirts: 6 (1 black, 1 white 4 colored)
  • coats: 1 black and a nuetral
you should only keep clothing that fits you and you feel fabulous in. a great way to see what you are actually wearing is to turn your hangers backwards and only flip them the right way after you wear something. after a sest time period (3 months, 6 months, whatever works for you) get rid of anything that is still on a backwards hanger.
i know you might be tempted to hold on to some clothing that no longer fits you (you know what i'm talking about: those jeans that are 2 sizes too small) how long have those been hanging in your closet anyway? let them go, if you do end up losing the weight do you really think you wanna wear clothes that are old? nope, you'll wanna celebrate by wearing new clothes that flatter your new figure.
coming next organizing shirts and blouses.