Thursday, March 13, 2014

Jocole Essential Pants Sew Along Day 3

Essential Pants Sew Along

Day 3

Yesterday we worked on pockets and side seams. Today we are working on the hems, waistband and crotch.  Here we go.....

Serge or zig zag stitch at the waist and leg hem.  Iron the waistband and hemline, but do not sew.   If you don't have a hem guide, you should make one.  I made mine by marking lines at typical hemming lengths, from some old thick paper I had.

We are going to take a slight deviation from the pattern instructions.  You can follow the directions in the pattern if you prefer that method, this is just a different way to sew pants.  Line up the two leg panels at the crotch line, right sides together.  The two front panels and the two back panels line up to each other.

Sew both crotch seams together, the picture above and below show the front and back crotch.  Serge or finish.  Now we have two panels, right sides together, sewn at the crotch and back seam.  

Now is a great time to topstitch the back seam.  

 Now that you have the pants looking more like actual pants, we are going to sew up the legs.  Line up the front of the pants and the back of the pants, right sides together.  Pin the legs together so your pants look complete.  Sew and finish the seam.  Your pants should look like the picture below, both pockets on the rear of the pants.

Topstitch the bottom hem of the pants legs.  I hope I didn't royally confuse you.  If you have questions, let me know.

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