Monday, July 29, 2013

Yoga A-Line Skirt **Pattern UPDATE & Correction**

If you have had issues printing your copy of the Yoga A-Line Skirt you are *not* alone.  We finally found a solution !!  YEA !!  If you would like an updated version of the pattern, please forward your current copy to us a proof of purchase (attach the pdf to your email) and we will send you the updated version back.

The pattern piece or the instructions have *NOT* changed, the pattern has just been optimized for printing

Subject line: Update request for Yoga A-Line Skirt
Email to: jodijeanbaird [at] yahoo [dot] com

THANKS !!!  ~ Jodi Jean

** I'll be working on updates and edits for other patterns as well.  So keep your eyes out for when they are ready.