Saturday, April 07, 2012

Binding Directions ... SEVEN ways

These instructions are for binding or finishing your edges ... necklines and armholes ... and we have included SEVEN different methods.

(1) Classic Band
(2) Full Binding
(3) Fold-Over Elastic
(4) Turned and Stitched
(5) Picot Elastic
(6) Classic Elastic
(7) Flat-Binding

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Digitize YOUR Pattern into a pdf

Do you have a pattern that you've already drafted and would like it turned into a pdf to sell?

$10 new pattern - flat fee
$25 formatting fee - adding sizes, your logo and other pattern text, grainlines, etc.
$5 per page -- so if your pattern is on 5 pages it would be $25
$5 per size -- so if your pattern includes 6 sizes it would be $30  (only applies to scanned patterns, not .svg patterns)

total = $10 + $25 + $30 = $65
**this is just an example ... total pricing would depend on how many sizes are on your pattern and how many pages it is.

Digitized pdf pattern that you can print at a copy shop (A0 Large Format):
$25 flat rate

Digitized .SVG format of your pattern:
$25 flat rate

You email me the scanned pattern pages, or a .svg and I return a professionally digitized pattern.
** Your pages MUST include something to indicate scale (something that can be measured.) To insure accuracy.

If you don't already have it scanned, you can mail the paper pattern to me and I can scan it for an additional fee of $1 per page ... if I need to trace it and then scan it, it will be an additional fee of $2.50 per page.

This would include adding YOUR logo on the pattern so that you could sell it on your site under your business name.

50% deposit is required before starting any project and the remaining 50% is due upon delivery.


Flat Sketches:
$10 per view.
  Example: the picture below would be $30

Fabric Yardage Requirements:
Flat rate of $10

Spec Sheet:
Flat Rate of $4 per size
    Example: 5 sizes = $20

Printing Layout Guide:

Cutting Layout Guide:

Patternmaking Add-on:
Flat rate of $5 per design + $5 per pattern piece
Add a piece to an existing pattern (Example: add a sleeve variant or a collar). This can be to a pattern that we drafted, or from a different pattern designer.

Help with your pattern development and design $25/hr. Do you have a design in your head but can't quite sketch it out? I can help you come up with a design, or help you tweak yours.

We can also turn them into pdf sewing pattern that you can sell, exclusive licensing rights to you ... we'll include your logo and your information ... endless earning opportunities ... contact us for pricing.

I'm really excited about working with you on this!! ~ jodi jean

Custom Freelance Pattern drafting services and pricing: