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Endless Dress Sew Along Day 1

Endless Dress Sew Along Day 1

Easter is already upon us.  Though the Endless Dress can be used for any occasion,  I am making it for an Easter Dress this year.  There are so many variations of this dress that I cannot begin to  lead a sew along with all of the options available.  So, we begin Day 1 by making a choice on the type of dress and embellishments that strike your fancy.  You will need to choose:  a bodice length, skirt length, sleeve type, collar and embellishments(bib front, sash, band, appliqué, bow, etc.).  If your "little" is anything like mine, she will need to be involved in the process so it will actually be worn.  How do they have such opinions at 4 years old????  

Here are some things you will need for this sew along:
  • Endless Dress Pattern printed, taped together and cut to the desired size
  • coordinating fabrics (I used 3 fabrics)
  • buttons
  • interfacing (for buttonholes)

My choices for the Endless Dress and embellishments:
  • Circle Flounce Dress Bodice (it is very similar to the Endless Dress bodice but it has straps)
  • Empire waist (The Circle Flounce Dress bodice is empire waist)
  • Pockets
  • Coordinating sash without a tie (my "little" hates a tie in the back!)
  • Banded knee length skirt (be sure to use the measurements from the add on pack for the skirt and band length and width)
I know what you are thinking -- I don't want to make the Circle Flounce Dress bodice, I want to make the Endless Dress bodice!  No worries!  I will also include instructions for the sleeveless Endless Dress bodice, just for you.

Once you have figured out the dress you want to make, cut out all pattern pieces.  You should have a pile of pattern pieces similar to the picture below.  You can see the straps, bodice front and back, sash, skirt and skirt band.  (I should have pocket pieces in the picture also.  Oops!)

If you are like me, it took quite a while to figure out exactly what version of the dress to make (and I probably changed my mind no less than 10 times!).   As we start tomorrow, you will need all pattern pieces cut and be ready to work on the bodice construction.

Sew Along Schedule:

Day 1:  Decide on dress specifics/embellishments and cut pattern pieces
Day 2:  Bodice construction with sash
Day 3:  Buttonholes, buttons, skirt and pockets
Day 4:  Skirt band and finishing
Day 5:  Share pictures of finished dress

I cannot wait to see how you are progressing in this sew along.  Be sure to share your pictures with me on our Facebook sewing group page here.  I love to hear from you so be sure to ask questions and give me feedback.  I will see you right back here tomorrow for Day 2, when we really get down to business.  Y'all are awesome!

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