Saturday, April 19, 2014

Endless Dress Sew Along Contest

Endless Dress Sew Along Contest

A couple of weeks ago we had a sew along for the Endless Dress, you can find the instructions here.  We spent four days sewing together, asking questions and sharing our progress.  I had a great time and can't wait until the next one in May.  I wanted you to see a few of the dresses that some of the ladies made during our little contest.  Aren't they adorable????

I also wanted to remind you about the add on packs for the Endless Dress.  Volume 1 of the Add On pack comes as a bundle with the Endless Dress.  Volume 2 was just released and gives even more options for this adorable dress!   There are over 1,000 different variations you can make with this dress and the add on packs!  Of course you have to use your creativity.  Don't wait to purchase the Endless Dress pattern and Volume 2 add on pack.

Joey Hendricks - Joey made several versions of the dress during our sew along.  Adorable!

Ingrid Echard - Look at the pin tucks and buttons on the bib.  Love!

Heather Toews Ratcliff - What creativity!!!  She used the Endless Dress for these!  Awesome!

Allison Parrish - It's hard not to be happy looking at this dress.  Precious!

Nikki Souster - She made so many variations that were all fab.  Too cute!

Audra Dean - The picture says it all!

If you aren't part of the Jocole Sewing Group on Facebook, join here.  We have so much fun in the group and everyone is so helpful.  Our next sew along is turning the Basic Brief and Shoreline Halter into a swimsuit.  That should be tons of fun.  See you in the sewing group!

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