Friday, June 21, 2013

Modification -- Adding Sleeves to the Crossover Tunic & Dress

The Crossover Tunic & Dress is one of my FAVORITE patterns ... it's also my favorite to  adjust and make modifications and alterations to.  It's SO versatile.

Have you seen this pattern in my shop and thought about purchasing it but decided against it because cap-sleeves aren't your thing?  You are NOT alone.  This has been requested ... a LOT.  I've  decided to write up a tutorial on altering the pattern to adjust for set-in sleeves.

This tutorial shows you how to modify the Crossover Tunic & Dress pdf sewing pattern for different sleeve lengths..  You can use this tutorial for both the ladies pattern or the girls pattern.

**This is NOT a finished pattern, just a tutorial on how you can modify the pattern from my shop.

You can use ANY of the sleeve options that are available in the Mix&Match series

This can also be used on the Easy Cap-Sleeve Tee pdf sewing pattern.

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