Thursday, June 06, 2013

Maternity Skirt -- adjustment & modification

Did you know you can EASILY change the Yoga A-Line Skirt pdf sewing pattern from Jocole into a maternity skirt ... yup ... it's easy.  I promise.  Of course you don't HAVE to make the adjustment ... this is if you want to wear the skirt below your belly.  Above photo courtesy of Kirsten from Sugarplum Cuties .... isn't she the CUTEST pregnant momma ever??

Draw a new line for the FRONT of your skirt.  Start 3"-4"below the original waist and curve it up to the side seam (shown on a XXXL ... of course you would end on whatever size you are planning on making).  Use the original line for the back pattern piece.  You also will want to add 3" to 4" more length to the yoga waistband to help accommodate your cute growing belly.
D-O-N-E ... that's all it take ... so go get sewing.  These skirts are SUPER cute and sew up SO fast ... as one tester said ... they are like CLASSY sweatpants --- they are *that* comfortable.  Yup you're going to want to wear your new skirts EVERY day.

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