Monday, June 24, 2013

Crossover Tunic or Dress: Sew Along Day 1

There is *still* time to catch up ... if you already haven't picked up the pattern you can get the Girls Sizes HERE or Ladies Sizes HERE ... both patterns are available from Jocole.  These sew up SUPER fast and you're gonna love them.
Today we're doing some preparation work.
If you have ANY questions the Jocole Pattern facebook group is a great place to ask them. 

Have you seen the FREE tutorials on modifying this pattern???
Adding Sleeves
Maxi Length Adjustment
Halter Adjustment

(1)     PRINT out pattern pages at 100%.  Make sure that page scaling is set to "None".
(2)     TRIM margins and TAPE pages together.  Matching triangles to create diamonds and lining up the 1" grid lines.
(3)     CUT out desired size along the corresponding line.
(4)     CUT out pattern pieces from FABRIC.  Make sure you cut out 2 opposite bodice front pieces.  You should have a total of 5 pieces: 2 bodice fronts, 1 bodice back, 2 skirt pieces.

 TOMORROW: We'll be doing Steps 1 through 5.  Stay tuned ...

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