Monday, September 26, 2011

Questions on Labeling


Have you looked into labeling?! There are laws that mandate what you need to include on your tags


Fiber Content
Origin (Made in the USA or Made in the USA using imported materials)
Manufacturer/RN #
Care Instructions
Look inside your clothing and start reading those labels to see examples of what needs to be included.
I also make sew in labels using these:

you can write on these with permanent markers … which would be perfect for the CSPIA requirements, meaning you can leave the production date blank and write it in as needed, etc.

You don’t need to use the care symbols … but in case you want to, here are 2 free fonts for you:
Threading Your Way Through the Labeling Requirements of the Textile and Wool Acts: ... which includes Fiber Content, Country of Origin, Manufacturers/RN, Label placement and attachment
Everything you ever wanted to know about RN numbers:
Try it … Search for “Jocole”$.startup
CSPIA , stands for the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act, which is a law that was enacted in August 2008 … it applies to anything manufactured and intended for anyone 12 years of age and under.
Information required on the Tracking Labels:
Exempt materials from CSPIA:
Here is a flowchart to help you determine what testing is required for your products.
Lots of info regarding CSPIA:

places to buy:

i personally use these on the inside of my garments:
printed using my kodak printer, which uses pigment inks (meaning WATER PROOF) ... then i just use a fine-tip sharpie and write the size inside .... if anyone wants my template for using these labels, please just ask. i don't mind emailing it to you

blogs about labels ...
(iron-on "tagless" labels)
(custom woven labels)

searches ...

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