Thursday, December 17, 2015

Jocole Basic Leggings into Pajama Pants

Jocole Basic Leggings

I am so happy to share a tutorial from Skirt Fixation with you today.  If you've never visited Skirt Fixation, you should go check Audrey out.  Audrey made a pajama set from the Basic Leggings and Peplum top.  I love that Jocole patterns are so easily modified for just about anything you want to make.  Without further ado, Audrey has some tips to share!

Hi Jocole pattern lovers from a fellow Jocole fan! This is Audrey from Skirt Fixation, and I’ve sewn up ALL (but one...gotta work on that) of the Jocole skirt patterns, and the Peplum top multiple times. Today I have a tutorial for you on how to convert the Jocole Basic Leggings pattern into pajama pants. Because everyone’s making pj’s this time of year, and you deserve some pretty new ones too. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Cut out a 2 cuff pieces. This is sort of play it by ear. I tried on a shirt I’d made around my ankle to see how a wrist cuff worked on my ankle. Turned out perfectly, so I just used the wristband piece from another pattern. If it’s too tight, add width.  You will also want to shorten the length of your leg piece by 1/2 the amount of your cuff piece. Just do this right at the bottom of the leg.Pajama Pants tutorial by Skirt Fixation   Step 2: Fold cuff piece in 1/2, WRONG sides together. Pajama Pants tutorial by Skirt Fixation Step 3: Pin cuff to bottom of leggings. The cuff will be smaller than the leg, and need to be evenly stretched to fit. Pajama Pants tutorial by Skirt Fixation Step 4: Sew cuff to bottom of leggings. You will need to stretch the cuff slightly as you sew. Pajama Pants tutorial by Skirt Fixation Step 5: Stitch the inseam on the leggings and the cuff. Pajama Pants tutorial by Skirt Fixation Step 6: After you stitch your inseam, I recommend topstiching 1/8 from the seam allowance as recommended to catch that seam and make those pajama pants nice and cozy! Complete the instructions to assemble the Basic Leggings pattern. Pajama Pants tutorial by Skirt Fixation That’s it! Simple, right? If you want to see the matching top I made and the other pair of pajamas I made for my daughter, please visit us at Skirt Fixation. Sweet dreams!

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