Monday, November 09, 2015

Skinny Pants Sew Along Day 3

Skinny Pants Sew Along

Day 3

Hello again!  I hope you were able to get your practice pants absolutely perfect.  We are now ready to sew up the pants.  This is going to take just a few steps and less than 15 minutes!

First, cut out your pants and pocket pattern pieces.  You can also see some modifications for High Waisted and Flat Front Skinny Pants below.  If you want to make modifications now is the time, before you cut out the pattern pieces.

Let's start with the pockets today and finish the pants tomorrow.

If you are making the patch pockets for the front, it's as easy as:
1.  sewing the 2 pieces (for each pocket) together
2.  flip them right side out and iron
3.  topstitch the curve if desired
4.  place pockets at markings.

If you are making the back pockets:

You can find very detailed instructions and photos for the back pockets here.

You can also find instructions for Inset Pockets here.  Below is an example of inset pockets.

Here are a few more pocket tutorials we have done in case you want to read more:

We'll finish up the Skinny Pants tomorrow.


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