Thursday, February 05, 2015

Mix & Match dreams DO come true!

How about some Jocole Patterns Mix & Match goodness?!

I love all of the Jocole patterns, I won't lie... but my favorites are the Mix & Match series! I love how customize-able they are. I can literally do anything with my Mix & Match patterns. I love that feeling of freedom (thank you Jodi Jean Baird)!

I recently made a pair of pants for a sew a long Whimsical Fabric is having this month and I needed a cute top to go with them. I looked through all my patterns and I found....NOTHING... that I liked. I'm sure you've been there lol. I started thinking about what i wanted and it had to be something with a nicely fitted bodice but I wanted the skirt part to be more free flowing. The more I thought about it, the more I knew the bodice had to be the Jocole Mix & Match. Cuz, you really cannot go wrong with Jocole, amirite?

I used the Basic Empire Bodice and the Classic Sleeves  to make the basic bodice of the top. I pretty much just followed Jodi's excellent instructions and made a perfect bodice cuz yeah thats how I roll.

Then I took out my trusty Radiant A-line Bottom and started measuring. I ended up with 2 rectangles that were about 24" wide and 10"high? tall? I gathered the tops of each rectangle to match the bottom of my bodice and I sewed them together and attached them to my Mix & Match bodice. Cake! Looks pretty good, doesn't it? :)

Being the completely awesome designer she is, Jodi Jean Baird did all the math so everyone can make this adorable Mix & Match variation for themselves! Voila!!

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