Sunday, February 01, 2015

Mega Ruffle Pants - Hi-Lo Modification

Want a tutorial on how to use Jocole's Mega Ruffle Pants in a different way??  This is an easy modification and breathes new life into the ruffle pants pattern.  You can do this for the full length, capri length or short length options!! :)

Are you ready?

Print out your Mega Ruffle Pants pattern pieces. (Original pattern piece show in black lines, using the size 5)

The light blue block signifies the new hi-lo amount ... you can make it more drastic or shallow as you like.  I went up the inseam/side seams 1.5" (for the smaller sizes you might want to do less, and for the larger sizes you might want to do more)

From that part that is marker, next you'll want to draw a curved line.  The line will curve up on the front, and down in the back -- shown in RED.

That's *IT* ... seriously. Now you can sew up the pants, exactly as the pattern is written and use the ruffle cutting measurements as indicated in the pattern.


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