Saturday, December 20, 2014

{Tutorial} Sequins Leggings!

Who here is ready for the New Year!? It's coming right around the corner and odds are there's a party coming along with it. Save yourself the "but what do I wear??" drama and sew up these sparkly leggings!

Sequins not your style? Use this tutorial to make a two-toned version. Mix solid and print, two solids, or even add a stretch lace overlay! 

Just like the original Jocole Leggings pattern, this sequins modified version sews up fast, and makes a BIG impression! Let's get started:

Grab your printed pattern piece, and get ready to see it in an all new light. See that line down the center?  Yup. There's been a built in two-tone-legging guide there this WHOLE TIME!

You can opt to cut along this line, and add your seam allowance while you're cutting fabric, or you can use wax paper like I'm about to to make two separate pattern pieces for this project. 

Unroll your wax paper over top the front half of the leggings pattern piece. Line up it's edge 3/8 inches past that guide line. This is our seam allowance. Grab your marker and trace along the pattern piece. 

Grab your pattern piece again, and mark 3/8 inches past the guide line again - towards the front of the legging this time. Fold along this new line, and now we'll have a back piece for our two tone leggings!

Cut 2 back, 2 front, and 2 front lining (if applicable).
 The sequins are attached to mesh, see-through fabric, and the whole thing is super itchy! So we'll spare ourselves that discomfort and cut a lining for the front sequins panels. 

Lay out your front pieces atop their respective linings:
Lining up along our side seam, lay your back piece on top of your front pieces (right sides together). Top stitch this seam towards the back.
Stitch these 3 layers along the inseam.

Now.. because our sequins fabric is itchy, we don't want to fold a traditional hem and have it scratch up our ankles. So grab your ruler and scissors and cut off 1 1/4 inches off the bottom. Keep these ends and bring them over to your cutting table.

Measure the length of your ends (measurement X), and cut (on the fold) two cuffs 3 inches tall by X. 

Stitch your cuffs on the short side and them fold in half, wrong-sides-together. 
Slide the cuff onto the end of your leggings, and clip or pin all raw edges together. 

Now refer to your pattern instructions for your last few steps (though for the same reasons we didn't hem the pant legs, I don't suggest doing the elastic-waist option. I'm partial to the yoga waistband anyway! Woop woop, built-in-girdle!) and meet me back here in two shakes of a lambs tail for a sequins legging dance!

Now wasn't that easy?? And you've got a glittery new wardrobe piece to rock on new years! Or while doing housework. Let's be honest. Shiny things make everything better :)

Here's a Gold/Black version I did a few weeks ago, and a gold/gold version I made for my daughter. What versions will you make??

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