Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Flat Front Shorts Tutorial

Flat Front Shorts Tutorial

Make the Essential Pants as instructed in the pdf pattern.

Leave an opening in the front waistband at both the left and right side seams.

Cut elastic at measurement below.  These measurements work for the Essential Pants, the Mega Ruffle Pants, the Flounce Ruffle Pants, the Skinny Pants and the Faux-Wrap Skorts ... basically ANY Jocole pants/shorts pattern.

Using a Bodkin or safety pin, insert elastic into the back waistband.

Feed the elastic through the waistband at the back of the shorts only.  Pin the elastic at one side while feeding it through the waistband (to secure the elastic in place at the side seam).  Pull the elastic all the way to the other side seam of the shorts and remove the Bodkin.  Pin the elastic at the side seam being sure the elastic is passed the side seam toward the front of the shorts.
Stitch in the ditch at the side seams to secure the elastic in place.  You might want to go over this seam a few times to make sure the elastic is secure.  Close the waistband at both side seams.

Enjoy your flat front shorts. 

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