Monday, August 18, 2014

Endless Dress Mashup

Endless Dress Mashup

I received some yummy Riley Blake fabrics in the mail and could not wait to get started sewing!

I started with the "Unicorns and Rainbows" cotton and scrumptious Knits.  The knit is so soft and creamy, I just love how it feels and so does my daughter.

One of my favorite Jocole pattens is the Endless Dress because it is so versatile.  There are literally endless variations of this dress!  I've made a few variations but this one may be my favorite.

Instead of using the bodice for the Endless Dress, I used the Basic Empire Bodice from the Mix and Match series.

I used the skirt, skirt band(the polka dot fabric) and sash(in knit) from the Endless Dress and attached it to the Basic Empire Bodice.

I love how the dress turned out and I cannot wait to make more.  I also made the Basic Knit Leggings to finish out the outfit.  

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