Sunday, July 13, 2014

Wide Leg Shorts Sew Along

Wide Leg Pants Sew Along

Shorts Edition

Materials Needed:

  • Wide Leg Pants Pattern
  • Freezer Paper (optional)
  • Main Fabric
  • Knit Waistband Fabric

Gather materials.

Trace pattern pieces onto freezer paper.
If adding pockets, mark pocket placement onto freezer paper.

Cut all pattern pieces; two front, two back and two pockets (making sure to cut the fabric with two layers, wrong sides together).  I cut the pattern at the shorts cutting line which results in fairly short shorts.  If you prefer a longer length short, extend the cut line 2-4 inches.

Tomorrow we will construct most of the shorts and then finish the shorts on Wednesday.  The Wide Leg Pants pattern is simple and fast.

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