Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wide Leg Pants Sew Along Day 3

Wide Leg Pants Sew Along Day 3

Line up the crotch pieces and sew together.  Finish seam.

Pin waistband, right sides together and attach.

Turn waistband right side out.  Fold waistband in half WST and press.

Mark waistband and shorts waist into fourths with pins.  Line up pins on waistband and shorts and pin together.

Attach waistband to shorts.  You will need to stretch the waistband between pins to attach.

Press seam.  Almost done!

Working on shorts hemline, serge raw edge.

Press hem under once.

Topstitch hemline.  I like to use a twin needle for the hemline.

Finished!  Enjoy your new shorts.

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