Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Pajama Sew Aong: Day 4

Welcome back! Today, we are going to start our pants! Here is the breakdown of steps for the different pants:

Ruffle/cuffed leggings: Steps 1-7
Mega ruffles/boy's pants: Steps 1-10

First, lets tackle the ruffle/cuffed leggings! Here are what your pieces should look like:

If you are doing the ruffle option, you will create your hem's first. Jodi gives some great tips on creating a faux cover stitch or using a zigzag. If you are adding cuffs, skip the hemming. 

Next, ruffle those ruffles! Again, Jody shoes you a great way to gather the ruffles with elastic, or you can gather by hand.
 Attach the ruffles to the hem, adding however many you would like. 

Now, if you are adding a cuff, follow the great add-on instructions (Cuff add on) to create the cuff to sew on later!
Now, for the Mega Ruffles/boys pants!
Here is what your pieces will look like: (boys on the left, ruffles on the right)
For the ruffle pants (both with and without the ruffle) you are going to add the pockets now (totally optional).
Then make sure you have the correct pieces and place them right sides together. Sew both side seams, press and topstitch, if desired.
 Now you will seam finish the top of the waistband and fold the waistband down. DO NOT SEW.
 Now, pin and stitch the inseam. Seam finish the raw edges.
See you tomorrow  to work on that waistband!

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