Friday, December 13, 2013

Pajama Sew Along: Day 3

Welcome back! Today, we will finish up our shirts! These are Steps 24 through 27.

So, we left off yesterday with attaching the sleeve ruffles or preparing your cuffs. Now, if you are adding a ruffle around the neck, this would be the time! My girl asked for no ruffle (so no picture of a neck ruffle!)

Next, we are going to line up the side seams. Pin in place and sew from the sleeve cuff, up the arm, and down the side seam.

Next we are going to hem the bottom of our shirt. Fold it up and pin (if needed, I pressed mine with a hot iron and it was fine). I LOVE the tip in the pattern about placing the hem under the machine, then putting a post-it note pad next to the hem and then flipping it over to sew it! I also love hemming something flat rather than in the round!

Now, we can line up that last side seam and sew it! If you did a ruffled version, then you are done! Turn it right side out and give it a steaming if needed!

If you are adding cuffs, we are going to turn our shirt right side out and mark it into quarters, the same as we did with the cuff pieces last night. now, we are going to slip the sleeve into the cuff (right sides together), matching up the raw edges.

Line up the pins and sew, stretching the cuff to fit (don't over-stretch!). if you are not using a serger, seam finish that edge!

We did it! We finished our shirt!!!

Join us tomorrow as we start the pants!


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