Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pattern Testers Wanted -- Ladies Yoga Pants -- CLOSED

this testing is now CLOSED ... thank you so much ladies !!!!
I'm currently looking for people who are interesting in testing my "Ladies Yoga Pants" (#13012) sewing pattern before making it available for purchase. IMPORTANT: I *need* the reviews back by May 31th!!
Description: Slim trough the waist and thighs and then flares out below the knee.  Features a fold-over a simple straight yoga waistband.  Wear the yoga waistand up for more coverage and support (high rise), or folded down for a low-rise look.  Pattern includes short length, capri length and full length (petite, regular or tall) options.  These are not *just* for yoga ... you can wear these ANYWHERE !!!  (This is a pattern for *knit* fabrics, not wovens.)

Here's how it works (please do this all in ONE comment!!)
~ You leave your email in a comment and what size you would like to test.
~ In the SAME comment, please link to a picture (on a blog or on fb) where I can see samples or your sewing/photography. MUST be pictures of aduts, not children.  Photography plays a BIG part on who tests for me.

I need testers for the following sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
Already claimed: NONE

**I reserve the right to choose whomever I wish to test.  It will not be based on a first-come first-serve basis.  If you've tested before and did not return the results you are NOT eligible.... and you must have purchased pattern from Jocole before (yes I do check).


  1. sz l my photography can be seen on fbook at spiced ginger designs or BFJ Photography I can have them done tonight.. Would so love to test this


    Size XL or XXL (I'm a 16/18 not sure where that falls in your sizing)

  3. Im on my phone so I couldn't post the link so I'm having to type. Its and Thanks! Christie

  4. Xs please :) I belong to the PDF sales and pattern group on fb my name being Nicole lee salcido

    I can test a size large capri-length or full-length
    My shop info and pictures are here:
    and this is me:
    Thanks Jodi!!!

  6. I would love to test the xl capris or shorts. I don't have any adult pictures yet, I would LOVE for yours to be my first! Other examples can be found at
    I have tested tons of children's patterns for many designers and would love to venture into women's as well.
    Thanks for the consideration! :)


    Size XL (I would assume, I'm about a 14/16)

    I have the option of professional photos, but a picture of my work, taken by a professional, can be seen here:

    Sewing can also be seen there

  8. size l or xl petite or Capri. :) pro photos.

  9. size l or xl petite or Capri. :) pro photos.


    size medium capri or pants for sample photography for sewing and some photos

  11. darn you moving!!!! i wish all my sewing stuff wasn't packed up!!

  12. danalynne719 at gmail dot com
    Medium :)
    variety of links:

    Will hunt for more pics if you need me to!!!!
    Thank you for your consideration!!! :)

  13. i can do xl shorts, regular (petite),

  14. I can test XXL any length. and my work can be seen at:

  15. Medium, small or xs

  16. Medium or large :)

  17. Medium Petite... com. I do not photograph well :( But if you need petites I would love to

  18. Small and XL for me and my girl :) Biz is Wylie Clothworks.

  19. I'm a 13/14 probably but a shortie pants (5'3") I'd be happy to test any length but would esp love to test capri or full length! (I'm not sure if I'd fall into your petite range or not though, even though I'm short my legs are a bit on the longer side.) I don't have many pictures of adults but you can see a few here - and here is a link to one picture that specifically has me in it.

  20. Kirsten DeWitt

    Size: S/M (I'm 32 weeks pregnant so it depends on the measurements)

  21. Looks a great pattern... If only i could get a couple more days I'd love to test an s or xs. My address and my blog is
    You will see my dance outfit with a new version of your cap sleeve tee;)

  22. i'm a small or xtra small, would love to test any length. my blog is

  23. I have some gorgeous new gray knit perfect for yoga pants :) I could sew an XL or XXL (48" hips). Looking forward to this pattern! mamalusco at

  24. I can test a size S or XL in any style. Prefer Capri style but completely flexible. Rlynneholmes @

  25. I can test XL :) And I have pictures of my cowl neck shirt I made on FB... and could get a friend who takes awesome pics to take pictures too :)

  26. I can test a medium for you. I made the medium leggins in your pattern and they fit perfect. I will be having my friend take the picture so it's professional. Here is her website is my email
    Thanks so much.
    I will be using these to run in on cooler mornings and in the fall. Yay!

  27. would love to test for you.
    xxs or xxl =)

    1. sorry forgot to include the length .. pants preferably or what ever you need =)

    I can test an XXL (would love to do the shorts but would totally do the capri length and these would be for myself)

    Place to see photography:
    (There's a mixture of kids in there, but at least you can see adults as well)

  29. ~
    ~ Probably an XL, I'd have to look at the exact sizing chart to know for sure.
    ~ I haven't sewn up for myself in a LONG time. My photography is here, but on kids,
    Here is a link to an album with a few of my dresses in it: I can also just email the pictures to you if that is easier.

  30. I'd love to test the XL or XXL!

    I've been sewing since I was 5, so lots of experience, but just recently started doing adult sized stuff for me. :) I made the Seafarer top last week, and took a selfie. You can see that here:

    My shop is: All kid listings, but you can see my style. :)

    My best girlfriend is the owner behind Simplicity Photography, and you can see her work here:

    I'll have her snap some pics of me in the skirt if I'm chosen! :)

    Thanks so much!

  31. sent the pattern out to those who were picked ... check your emails ladies