Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pattern Testing Guidelines

Here's how it works ......
~ You leave your email in a comment when a new pattern is available for testing (on the post asking for testers for a specific pattern, not this one) and let me know that you're interested and what size you would like to test.
~ I reply and send you a copy of the pdf pattern, which you download, print and get sewing.
~ You tell me where I can improve and refine the pattern and instructions ... including how the size fits, grammatical errors and typos, if something needs to be added (pictures, more instructions, explanations, etc.). The more information you give me, the BETTER!!!
~ You get a free copy of ALL the final versions of the pattern once they are edited and finalized.
Requirements ...
~ You must have basic sewing skills (you don't have to be advanced!)
~ You must have the results back to me within 1 week.
~ You must take pictures of the finished product and email them to me. (The better the pictures, the more likely you'll be picked to test patterns again)
~ You MUST allow Jocole to use all photos of finished products for promotional purposes. Pictures are KEY, I choose testers by picture quality.
Once the pattern is listed for sale you MUST post your picture on Facebook and link to the pattern for sale.
Write a blog post with your picture and a link to the pattern.
You *MUST* write a review on jocole.com for the pattern after it is released.
I hope you're up for the challenge, if so let me know!!!
You will ONLY receive the final version of the pattern if you return your review and pictures. If you didn't then I won't send your the final revised version.
NOTICE: Anyone who has tested and *not* returned the results within 1 week will not be eligable to test (unless you've tested multiple patterns before), contact me for more details. I *DO* have a running list of those who haven't returned reviews or pictures ... in order to test again you must purchase the previous test pattern to become eligible again.

NEW RULE!! -- you cannot test a pattern if you tested the preceding pattern ... meaning you cannot test 2 patterns in a row.


  1. I love your patterns! I hope I can keep testing for you.

  2. I would absolutely love to test out your patterns. I'm an experienced sewer and I have experience with testing patterns. I am also a child photographer so I'll be able to take great pictures for you! I'd be willing to test patterns in size 2-3 or 4-5 (the ages of my children)! If you have any other questions, please let me know! (You can click on my username for my email address.)

  3. (I just left a comment - but I thought that maybe I should include my email address: ambersell{at}gmail.com)

  4. you know i always love to test! i guess right now can i test cora's size?? soon i can test my own kid's size :)

  5. Hope I can help!
    I'm interested in size 18mo/2T.

  6. Doll and 4T for me please!! Thanks girl!!

  7. I would live to test! My daughter wears a 6 or 7! Andrea.hallett@gmail.com

  8. I would love to be a pattern tester for you. My daughter wears size 5-6T and my son size 18m-2T, their cousins size 7-8T.
    Here´s a blazer I tested lately for Melly Sews
    Nice to hear from you.

  9. Hello,
    I love this kind of stuff! I would like to do size 4 please. My e mail is flower_randi219@hotmail.com

  10. Hello,
    I love this kind of stuff! I would like to make the size 4T please. My e-mail is