Saturday, January 01, 2005

Review Reimbursement Program

Introducing our "Review Reimbursement Program" (a.k.a. RRP)
Now you can review our patterns and be reimbursed for part of the purchase price to do so.
(Currently 50% ... and subject to change).
Submitted and returned reviews does NOT guarantee reimbursement.
Subject to approval by Jocole.
~ Purchase a pattern that is eligible for the Review Reimbursement Program (RRP) and let me know you are interested in participating. [Notice: not all patterns are eligible for the RRP]
~ I'll reply and email you a form that you need to fill out.
~ Download your pattern, print and get sewing!!
~ Return the form and at least THREE (more is better) high resolution fantastic pictures of the item made from the pattern and return it to me within THREE days from when I emailed you the review form.
~ Write a small review and post it on for the corresponding pattern. (Instructions on how to do so can be found HERE)
~ You tell me where I can improve and refine the pattern and instructions ... including how the size fits, grammatical errors and typos, if something needs to be added (pictures, more instructions, explanations, etc.). The more information you give me, the BETTER!!!
~ You must have basic sewing skills (you don't have to be advanced!)
~ You must have the results back to me within **THREE DAYS**
~ You must take pictures of the finished product and email them to me. (The better the pictures, the more likely you'll be approved)
~ You MUST allow Jocole to use all photos of finished products for promotional purposes.
I hope you're up for the challenge, if so let me know!!!
Review Reimbursement Program - FORM (word format)

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