Saturday, January 01, 2005

About Jocole PDF sewing patterns

Jocole pdf sewing patterns are easy to follow, and are perfect for beginner or experienced seamstresses alike.  You will appreciate the simplicity of the instructions and the freshness of the designs.  Let me tell you more about my pdf sewing patterns.

All patterns are designed and handmade by me.  They are hand-drafted ... (which look like the picture below)

The pages are then scanned and converted to a digitally formatted professional pattern. (again ... like the picture below.)  This is an example of the quality you will find in EVERY Jocole pdf sewing pattern.

Each size is clearly marked. We "nest" the patterns together instead of separating them. Just print out the pattern pages and cut out the desired size.  There is no need to scroll through too many pages to figure out which ones you need to print.
Each pattern contains multiple sizes and often different design options (example: different length options).  A wide range of sizes is covered (nb through 14 and includes 18" doll ... for a total of 16 sizes) and xs through xxxl in women sizes (7 sizes in total).  Patterns have 1 inch grid lines to make taping large patterns together quick and easy.
Highly detailed full-length instructions are provided.  The instructions are written in a clear, simple manner with attention to detail. Step-by-step pictures help to guide you through every part in the process.  

In addition to the full-length instructions, Quick Guide instructions are also included with every pattern.  These instructions are detailed directions without the pictures to help save ink.

Each pattern and instructions require months of research and development, and go through testing before being made available for purchase.

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