Friday, June 29, 2007

organize your closet - shoes

the first step towards a more organized wardrobe is with an organized closet. when your closet has some organization you'll be able to find that putting together outfits are suddenly easier.

let's start with our shoes. where are your shoes? are they dumped in a pile on the floor of your closet (or worse next to the front door) and you can't find the mate to your black pumps? or are you wearing the same 3 pairs constantly while the rest are gathering dust?

examine each and every shoe you own and ask youreslf: are they worn out, scuffed, out of style or too small/big? when was the last time i wore these? toss the shoes that no longer fill your needs into 2 different piles:
  • 1. give-away. (these are still in good condition that you no longer wear -- for whatever reason)

  • 2. trash. (these are scuffed, unevenly worn heels, stitching coming undone, etc.)
having good basic shoes is essential to a good wardrobe. after the basics you can build it up by adding in fun, trndy styles. your basic shoes should cover every occasion for your lifestyle. here is a list of shoes that most women need:
1 pair of athletic shoes
  • 2 pairs black/brown/navy casual or walking shoes
    2 pairs black/brown/navy shoes for work

  • 1 pair dressy evening shoes

  • 1 pair summer sandals

  • 2 pairs black/brown boots for winter

purchase the best quality that your budget will allow in your basic shoes -- these are the ones that you'll wear over and over again. spend less on trendy shoes because they are not worn as much. have fun but keep comfort in mind while buying shoes.

you may have a lot of shoes already, but according to a recent survey conducted by Mervyn's 61% of women own more than 11 pairs of shoes. most women only wear half of these shoes on a regular basis. how many pairs pf shoes do you own?

shoes can change the look of an outfit completely. for example, take some basic jeans and add a colorfull t-shirt and some athletic shoes for a casual look -- then take the same jeans add a dressier blouse and some heels -- the look of the jeans instantly becomes dressier because of the heels.

how should you store your shoes? well that is different for everybody. you could store them in a shoe cubby, or line them up on shelves or a shoe rack. you can store them in their original boxes (a photo taped on the box makes them easier to find) or you could purchase clear plastic shoe boxes (i've found them at the dollar store and the same ones at target for a dollar). if you are tight on space there are over-the-door organizers or even hanging organizers.

tip: to help boots keep their shape roll a magazine and slide it in.

now that we've tossed some shoes, take an inventory and access your needs. write out a list of those needs before you go shopping. here are some shopping tips :

1. shedule shopping when you have plenty of time to try on and visit several stores -- you don't want to feel stressed or rushed.

2. if you find something that you love and that fits perfectly put them on hold -- then go visit several stores and shop around to compare. you may just find the same thing at another store for less!

3. always shop for shoes towards the end of the day, this is when your feet are the largest.

4. when trying on shoes make sure you wear socks or hosiery that you will wear with the shoe. (nylons with pumps and thick wool socks for winter boots)

5. buy shoes that are comfortable -- walk around the store in them (not just try them on and stand still, walk around). don't waste your money on cute trendy shoes that hurt your feet, you'll end up not wearing them.

now that your shoes are organized, try different shoes with other outfits and see if you can wear your old shoes in a new way.

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