Tuesday, March 17, 2015

March Mashup - Crossover + Herringbone Tutorial

To go along with March 2015's Mini-Bundle that is on sale ONLY this month, we'll be featuring free tutorials on new ways to use the patterns that are included in the Mini-Bundle.  You can order it HEREnow through March 31st at 11:59pm.

This tutorial is a super fun mashup between the new Mix and Match Crossover Bodice [soon to be released] ... of course you could always use the bodice from the Crossover Tunic &Dress and the Happy Herringbone skirting. With a fun bonus! Herringbone insert in the sleeves. (I KNOW! They are fantastic!!!)
So how do you make this adorable top?? Well, first you need three patterns - the new Crossover bodice for the Mix and Match series [soon to be released], the sleeve pattern, and the Happy Herringbone dress.
I didn't take pictures of ALL the steps...mostly because they are self explanatory and you just follow the directions/pattern.

First - cut out the M&M Crossover bodice.
Second - cut out the sleeves but make them two sizes too wide (but keep the correct length you need).
Third - cut out the pieces for the Happy Herringbone dress.
Fourth - Sew the shoulder seams of the crossover bodice and finish off the edges either with binding or FOE according to the directions.
Fifth - create the herringbone skirt ... this is the most time consuming part of this entire outfit. BUT the results are wonderful!!
Now this is where we deviate from what would otherwise be a fairly generic mash-up.
To make the sleeve you take the parts you cut off of the herringbone skirt to make it squared up.
Now take those strips and line them up so they are vertical instead of horizontal.
Put the right sides facing each other and sew them together. Then open up and top stitch the seam to one side. Make sure to top stitch the seam to the opposite side on the second one. (This is so the seam is always pointing towards the back.)
Fold the newly-sewn pieces in half along the center seam and place the sleeve pattern on top.
Cut the shoulder curve and the bottom of the sleeve for both arm pieces.
After both arm inserts are cut like this it's time to trim away the excess points on the sides and make the sides straight.
Notice that the center seams are on opposite sides of each other? That's so that a seam is always pointing towards the back.
Now take the sleeves you cut out earlier (remember, two sizes too wide) and lay them folded in half then fold the inserts in half along the seam again and lay them on top following the sleeve curve.
Cut the sleeve along the side of the insert. Place right sides together and sew. Open up the sleeve and top stitch.
You now have a nearly-complete, very fun and unique sleeve! YAY!
Sew the sleeve into the bodice.
Finish off the bottom of the sleeve (I chose to use FOE along the bottom of the sleeve just like I did along the edge of the crossover.)
Next you either sew up the underside of the sleeve all the way down the bodice and then add the sewn together gathered up herringbone skirt, OR you add the gathered up front of the herringbone skirt, the gathered up back of the herringbone skirt then sew up the underside of the arms and down the sides of everything.
Finally you hem the bottom of the herringbone skirt. A fun and beautiful new top!!

Want the whole look? The Skinny Minnie Pants pattern is here and the tutorial to modify the pants is here.
Happy sewing!!

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