Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mix & Match Sew Along Day 2

Jocole Mix & Match Sew Along Day 2

We are working with the Jocole Mix & Match Series for this sew along.  There are tons of options and combinations, so your pieces will not look exactly like mine but the process is the same.

You should have front piece, back piece, and sleeves at this point.  Again, I have the Basic Bodice with the A Line Skirt option cut.  I am also making the Classic Sleeve with a flutter sleeve on top.

Today we will sew the bodice front and back together.  I know this step won't take but a few minutes, but we want to give everyone a chance to get caught up.

Sew the shoulder seams together.  If you want, get the sleeve pieces ready for tomorrow.

I lined up the Flutter Piece with the curve at the shoulder on the sleeve piece.  This will allow us to attach the sleeve easily tomorrow.

If you haven't seen the beautiful creations that the girls at Pattern Revolution made, go see them here.  See you tomorrow!

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