Monday, August 05, 2013

Introduction to the Mix&Match patterns from Jocole

I think I get asked questions about the Mix&Match Series ALL the time because it's still such a new concept.  
Here's the gist:  you can mix ANY of the patterns together to create endless designs.

Here's how to works ...
Step 1:  pick your bodice  (4 different options)
Step 2: pick your bottom (10 different options)
Step 3: pick your sleeves (10 different options)
(or leave it sleeveless)

yup, did you read that correctly?!?! ... 4 x 10 x 10 = 400 ... you can make four-hundred DIFFERENT dresses and tops using these patterns ... plus add in that they are available from nb-14 *and* xs-xxxl (23 different sizes) ... now *that* is a LOT of options !!!

At first they are a bit confusing ... but once you TRY it you'll love it and never want to stop.  You become the designer and can create something NEW every single time you use them.  

basic empire bodice
classy cowlneck bodice
racerback bodice
scoopneck bodice

radiant a-line bottom (2 lengths)
basic tee bottom
playful flounce bottom (can added at the empire line or at the bottom of the basic tee bottom)
horizon bottom (3 length options)
sassy tunic & dress bottom (2 length options)

classic sleeves (3 length options, or 6 in the ladies)
flutter sleeves (plus a puff sleeve option)
sweet flounce sleeves (3/4 or long sleeve options)
petal sleeves

Racerback Tank, Basic Tee Bottom (spliced), Playful Flounce Bottom (with added ruffles)
Made by Fussy Gussy
Classy Cowlneck, Radiant A-Line, Classic Sleeves (cap)
Made by Caroline Critchfield
Scoopneck Bodice, Basic Tee Bottom, Playful Flounce Bottom, Flutter Sleeves
Classy Cowlneck, Radiant A-Line (tunic), Flutter Sleeves
Classy Cowlneck, Radiant A-Line (tunic), Classic Sleeves (long)
Photo by FortyToes
Modeled by Kori Leilani
Classy Cowlneck, Basic Tee Bottom, Classic Sleeves (elbow)
Made by MamaMia
Racerback Bodice, Basic Tee Bottom
Classy Cowlneck Bodice, Radiant A-Line Bottom, Classic Sleeves (cap)
Photo by Leah Teofilo
Classy Cowlneck Bodice, Racerback Tank Bodice, Basic Tee Bottom
Made by Harmony Marquardt paired with the NEW Basic Brief Bottoms

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