Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fabric Organization ...

My FAVORITE organizing tool is the "Comic Board" ... unless you are surrounded by nerds like I am you might not know what a comic board is.  It is the board that is stored inside the plastic bag to hold comic books stiff for archival purposes (which is great for fabric ... it's archival quality, so it won't damage your fabric!!  BONUS!)

This isn't my original idea, you can read about it at Smashed Peas and Carrots, the Cottage Home, and Cut to Pieces (plus tutorials on folding fat quarters and other smaller amounts of fabric).

BUUUUUT ... I like to fold mine a bit differently.  It uses 2 comic boards, but you won't have to completely unfold ALL your fabric in order to cut it.  If you only need to cut a 2" strip you'll only have to unroll a little bit ... which I think is FABULOUS!!  Here is how I fold my fabric using comic boards ...

1.  Lay your fabric out, it's folded in half once ... just like it was on the bolt from the store.  Align 1 comic board along the selvages and 1 comic board along the fold ... there will be a space in the middle between the 2 comic board.  I like to leave about 4" on the cut end of the fabric to fold around the boards  (shown on the right side).

2.   Fold the cut end of the fabric around the boards (shown on the right side).

3.  Continue to fold the fabric around the boards until you get closer to the other cut end (shown on the left side).

4.  Fold the cut end over a little bit (shown on the left side).

5.  Fold the folded edge over on top of the other fabric that is wrapped around the comic boards.

6.  Fold the fabric in half, encasing the cut end that was folded over in Step 5 in the middle to secure.

7.  Slide on your shelf with all your other pretty fabrics ... 

You can go to your local comic book shop and pick up a stack of them (and the comic nerd will give you a weird look when you tell him it's for your fabric ... just shrug it off), I picked up a stack of 100 for $8 ... or you can order them by the 100s on Amazon.com for $11-ish


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