Friday, July 27, 2012

Facebook and Etsy photo dimensions ... reference


Coverphoto: 851w x 315h
Profile: 180w x 180h
Custom Tab Photos: 111w x 74h
Shared Photo: 404w x 404h
Highlights & Milestones: 843w x 403h
Tab page: 810w


Shop Banner:  760w x 100h
About Page Photo: 1024w x 768 h  (760 x 430)
Main image: 570w x 460h (with your item centered within the 460w x 460h)
     if you prefer more detail: 1024w x 768h
Avatar/Profile Photo: 75w x 75h
Team Logo: 170w x 100h

Gallery/Treasury Photos:  170w x 135h or 155w x 125h ... depending on where they are used
Thumbnails: 75w x 75h or 50w x 50h ... depending on where they are used

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