Friday, April 29, 2011

Summer 2011 Collection - Custom Handmade Women's Clothing

Instead of working on pdf sewing patterns, I've been busy working and sewing on a collection of custom handmade women's clothing. On Wednesday April 27th we did the photoshoot of the entire collection and I couldn't be more pleased with how they turned out. Leah Teofilo did the photography. What a rush to see my collection being modeled and photographed ... SERIOUSLY!
The summer collection involves 12 easy to wear pieces that can be dressed up or worn everyday. I adore versatility. They are made out of the most super soft knits ... you'll feel like you're wearing pajamas all day. I promise comfort and style from every piece.

These items are custom made to order and you can customize them: longer sleeves, shorter pants or longer skirts, and you get to pick the fabric and color. Each item is handmade by ME and professional finished for stretch and durability with my serger and coverstitch machines.
A couple people have asked me about a maternity line ... let me tell you, this collection isn't made for maternity but I care wear EVERY piece and I'm 7 months along. I always wear my designs throughout my pregnancies.

So, go check out the Summer Collection ... now available at

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