Monday, November 15, 2010

Refashioned Outfit Mini-Tutorial

You can find CUTE patterned knits right in your closet. This outfit was made from an old shirt I no longer wanted to wear ... but I thought it would make a super super cute outfit for Finley.
I had extra black knit for the bottom of the shirt, but you could just cut up another shirt to finish the bottom. I used the Classic Knit Tee and Basic Knit Leggings patterns.
STEP 1: Cut out Basic Knit Leggings, using existing hem of shirt as the hem on pants (I used the capri length -- and folded up the hem allowance).
STEP 2: Fold along the centerline (both the front and back). Line up centerline on Classic Knit Tee with your fold line, and align the shoulder edge with the shoulder seam. (I folded down the 3/8" seam allowance since the shoulder seam is already sewn). I'm using the existing neckline as well -- it was a crewneck on me, but looks like a scoopneck on Fin.
STEP 3: Cut out Sleeves ... I just cut as much as possible and used the existing hem.
Step 4: Sew together the Basic Knit Leggings according to the sewing instructions.
Step 5: Attach sleeves in the armholes, and Sew underarms and side seams together.
Step 6: I then cut out 2 pieces of black knit that were twice as wide and the bottom part of my shirt and long enough to make the top go past her hips. I sewed the sides together, and did a rolled hem on the top and bottom edge. I basted in a gathering stitch 5/8" from the top edge and pulled it to the same length as my shirt. Then I top-stitch along the basting line to attach (leaving a little ruffle on top!!)

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