Thursday, October 21, 2010

How to Shrink or Enlarge Templates

Do you have a template for a stencil or an iron-on transfer that you want a different size?
I know it can be confusing it can be to enlarge or reduce a template on your printer or a copy machine. How much should the image be magnified or shrunk? Before your start, you’ll need to know two dimensions: (1) the existing size – if the design has several dimensions, use the largest one for the calculation and (2) the desired size – how big you want the design to be after enlarging or reducing.
Pattern Resizing Formula:
Desired Size / Existing Size = Percentage to Enlarge or Reduce
Use the same formula whether you’re reducing or enlarging the pattern.
Example: How to Enlarge Design
Existing design is 6” and desired size is 8”
8/6 = 1.33 (133%) – copy the pattern at 133% to get the desired size.
Example: How to Reduce Design
Existing design is 9” and desired size is 5”
5/9 = .55 (55%) – copy the design at 55% to get the desired size.

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