Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Snap Fastener Directions

Are you unsure how to apply your snap fasteners to your garment? Check out our complete step by step instructions with full color pictures by clicking the above picture, or HERE.
Definately easier than sewing a buttonhole and sewing on a button.
Q: How can you tell the right from the wrong side of the socket?
A: Simply take a socket and put it between your thumb and first finger. Rub the socket between your finger and thumb. One side of the socket is slightly raised and the other side is slightly indented. The raised side of the socket is meant to be placed next to the prongs.
Or an excellent tutorial for using the Dritz plier tool can be found at Sew, Mama, Sew!
Snap fasteners can be purchased at your local fabric store, or here are some places online:
CowGirl Snaps - open ring, and pearl (26 colors) styles, as well as the plier tool
Buttoncare - open ring, frosted pearl, and jewel styles
Jatt - open ring, frosted pearl (25 colors) and jewel (15 colors) styles
The Goose Nest - open ring (13 colors!), and pearl (19 colors) styles
SnapSource - open ring (27 colors in size 16), capped ring (26 colors in size 16), pearl (8 colors in size 18), and good instructions
BirchStreetClothing - open ring and capped ring
Snap Sizes -- I prefer size 16 or 18.
The pearl, frosted pearl and jewel snaps should be set with the pliers as the hammer style tools can damage them.


  1. I have a very old snap fastener that I used for my sons clothes when he was a baby. He is 35 now and I went to use the thing and can't remember how to use it. It is green and has two attachments one on each handle as well as the two on the ends. Can anyone tell me how to use these.

  2. I have a vwry old snap fastener that I used on my son's clothes when he was a baby, he is 35 now. I can't remember how to use them. They are green and have an attchment on each handle as well as the ones on the ends. Has anyone seen one of these or know how they work?

  3. @CJ ... are you talking about snap pliers?

    a great tutorial was mentioned above in the post:

    a picture might be helpful so i know exactly the tool you are talking about

  4. Yes it is a snap pliers. I will take a picture and post it.